Anionic Emulsifying wax

Please my Anionic Emulsifying wax having saponification value of  10.5mgKOH/g 
Is there any effect on my complexion lotion or emulsion  using it to form emulsion
Thank you Sir.


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    What's the INCI of your product?
    What has saponification value to do with any of this?
    People have a complexion, emulsions have other characteristics (lost in translation?).
    Sure, every emulsifier has an effect on the emulsions it's used to create.
  • Tony11Tony11 Member
    The anionic Emulsifying wax , which I was using before Crodex A with saponification value 0.23mgKOH /g
     I got another brand of Anionic Emulsifying wax(Fatty alcohol & Sodium lauryl sulphate)with saponification value of 10.5mgKOH/g
    Can I still use it to replace Crodex A with out any effect on my lotion because of Higher saponification value.
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